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How to use Korean skincare routine for glass skin

To use a Korean skincare routine for glass skin, follow specific tips and tricks every day, like what they eat, how they shower, and even the tea they drink. The Korean beauty routine is widely recognized for its impressive ability to achieve a glowing and healthy complexion. The key to achieving such impressive results lies in a steadfast dedication to the Korean skincare regimen.

K-beauty care advice has skyrocketed in popularity. They boast about their ability to give you flawless, glowing skin that rivals porcelain. Indeed, that is correct! The Korean skincare routine is a tried and tested method to achieve that highly sought-after “glass skin” look. Let’s find out how to use a Korean skincare routine for glass skin.

Why do Koreans have glass skin

It’s because of strict skin care practices and the naturally hydrating ingredients that are in almost all Korean skincare lines. In case you don’t know, “glass skin” means skin that is perfect, clear, and has no pores. This means skin that is almost like a baby’s, soft and bouncy because babies have the best skin.

Skincare routine

Many Koreans are quite fond of taking care of their complexion. One’s choice of skin care products depends on their skin type and condition. For individuals with weakened skin barriers, it’s quite common to switch up their skincare routine between morning and night. Everyone has their own special skincare routine.

Many Koreans enjoy using masks as a daily “facial treatment,” known as “1츼 1팩.”

Sun Protection

Plenty of studies have demonstrated the unfortunate reality that sun exposure can accelerate the aging process of our skin. In addition, many Koreans go to great lengths to avoid sun exposure. They cleverly protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays by using a UV shield and sunscreen and wisely choose to stay indoors or seek shade during the scorching heat.


A healthy diet can do wonders for your complexion. When it comes to Korean cuisine, there’s a clever way to enjoy its health benefits. Kimchi, cheongjukjang, and doenjang are packed with a plethora of probiotics. Probiotics offer a multitude of health benefits that are worth considering.

It’s common knowledge that garlic is quite the multitasker, combating inflammation, aging, and even pesky fungus growth. It plays a crucial role in numerous Korean recipes.


East Asians are known for having a higher abundance of collagen-producing cells, resulting in naturally plumper skin. Slowing down the aging process and maintaining skin flexibility are key benefits of this. Not only does it have the power to make people appear more youthful than their actual age.

Tips to have Korean glass skin

It’s hard to deny that K-dramas have had a major influence on the enviable skin of many Koreans. Actresses and performers often boast a complexion that is impeccably smooth and radiantly glowing. They are flawless, with skin as smooth as silk.

There are some tips to have flawless glass skin:

  • Incorporate a higher quantity of beneficial fats into your diet. Salmon and tuna are abundant sources of omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, which effectively reduce skin damage caused by free radicals.
  • Indulge in a delightful array of fruits and vegetables to nourish your body with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Hydrate often. Hydration matters.
  • Sleep well. Sleeping 7-8 hours a night can improve your skin.
  • Always bring sunscreen when you leave the home.

Korean skincare routine for glass skin

A standard Korean skincare routine for achieving glass skin includes the following steps:

Double cleanse your skin

Asian skincare starts with double washing. This is an essential part of your nighttime skincare routine because you may need to remove dirt and makeup. Start by putting some water cleaner on a cleaning pad and thoroughly washing your face. You can use COSRX Low pH, which has extracts of newly squeezed Jeju green tea. For best results, use an oil wash that can get rid of all of your makeup and gently remove eyeliner and kajal stains while you’re still wearing makeup.

Facial exercises

What is the most exciting thing about Koreans? In order to get that V-shaped chin, they work out their faces. They do a short mouth stretch every day to keep their lips smooth and healthy. Moving your chin up, puckering your lips, and moving your face sideways are some face movements that can help lift sagging skin. If you want a naturally shaped face, you can do these facial stretches every day. You’ll see the change in a few weeks.

Remove makeup before sleeping

The best time for your face to heal is at night when it has time to rest. The pores can get clogged with dirt and dead skin cells if you sleep with makeup on. This can cause acne. Make sure you take off your makeup by double washing before bed. First, use BANILA CO NEW to clean your face, and later, use PYUNKANG YUL Cleansing Foam washing foam. It is crucial to use Beauty of Joseon Serum because our skin is exposed to pollution all day. This will refresh your skin and give you a healthy glow.

Treat your neck

Don’t forget to pamper your neck with some fabulous products!

Koreans have a deep appreciation for maintaining their skin’s health. They effortlessly tend to both their face and neck simultaneously. Maintain smooth and youthful-looking skin by gracefully applying cream or lotion to your face and neck, gently gliding it upwards.

Use suncream

Sunscreen is an essential part of any Korean woman’s daily skin care practice. It is the thing that every Korean must have, and they are right to do so. As we age, the sun and smog do a lot of damage to our faces. Before you go outside, don’t forget to put on sunscreen. Your face will thank you.

Using a wet cloth for exfoliation

A cotton towel dampened with warm water may be used as a fast and easy facial cloth absorber. Quickly and easily improve your skin by using a cotton towel dampened with warm water as a facial scrub. In only a few minutes, your skin will be more transparent, and the cloth will be free of oil and debris. It may exacerbate skin conditions like acne and rosacea, so those who are prone to these should stay away.

Use rice water

Rice water is a fantastic natural cleanser that works wonders for your skin. It has the power to slow down the aging process, fade age spots, brighten dark circles, and give your face a youthful glow. Indulge in the delightful selection of rice water available for purchase.

Now that you’ve learned about the Korean glass skincare routine, try to make your day glow.

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Photo by YongJoo Ko on Pexels.

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