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How to use a Korean hair care routine for hair growth

To use a Korean hair care routine for hair growth, focus on using natural products, preparing them carefully, and ensuring good quality. Dealing with common hair problems like dandruff, hair loss, and other issues that make it hard to keep hair healthy, shiny, and full takes proper care and management.

Koreans are famous for their long, thick hair. They love well-groomed, naturally beautiful hair. You probably don’t know this, but many K-beauty products, including hair care products, contain natural ingredients that are good for your body.

People are now very interested in how Koreans take care of their hair. Koreans have followed the same hair care practice for many generations, and it is suitable for both the hair and the scalp. Let’s find out how to use a Korean hair care routine for hair growth.

Korean hair care routine steps

How to use a Korean hair care routine for hair growth
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There are some steps to follow to use a Korean hair care routine for hair growth. Do you know why Korean’s hair and skin look so good? Because they follow a rigorous daily plan. Follow these easy steps to take better care of your hair care routine for hair growth.

Step 1: Scalp scaler

Koreans use a scalp scaler to get rid of dead skin, oil, and dirt that has built up on their head. As the name suggests, the scalp scaler is just shampoo for cleaning your head. It is usually made of salicylate, and when you put it on your skin, it doesn’t foam up.

Scalp scaler how to use

The scalp scaler should be used at most once a week. First, it must be applied to the head, and after 10 minutes, it is washed off before washing the hair. If the skin and hair are dry, the scalp scaler should be used only every two weeks.

Use a shampoo

As part of Korean hair care, you should use a soft shampoo made for your hair type and needs. Your shampoo should not only clean your hair and scalp without changing your skin’s pH but also strengthen your hair. So, don’t use sulfates or chemicals. One example is Tea Tree Special Shampoo.

Scalp massage

For a gentle rub, use a silicone hairbrush on your head. This improves blood flow in your head and allows nutrients to reach your hair correctly. It also strengthens hair and helps it thrive.

Use Conditioner

As the Koreans do, you need to lightly towel dry your hair before applying conditioner. After two to three minutes, take the conditioner out of your hair and apply it along the lengths of your hair. If your hair is dry and damaged, this conditioner is the best thing you can use. It helps feed and moisturize your hair, turning it from dull to fabulous in an instant. The pro-vitamin B5 mixture also keeps your hair moist and healthy.

Hair Mask

Everyone enjoys wearing a mask, right? Your hair looks great, too! In the Korean hair care regimen, a hair mask moisturizes dry hair and keeps it from frizzing. It is often enriched with natural hair oils that moisturize the hair, minimize frizz, and aid in the prevention of breakage.

Rinse with vinegar

As part of the Korean hair care practice, you always rinse your hair with vinegar. This helps balance the pH level of your skin. Pour two cups of water into a cup of apple cider vinegar and rub it into your skin and hair. After 5 minutes, rinse it one last time with cold water.


Korean hair care routines for hair growth include a scalp treatment that helps refresh the scalp, get rid of dandruff, and moisturize a dry scalp. These treatments are usually masks, cleansers, or scrubs. When you shampoo your hair once a week, you should use a skin mask and leave it on for two minutes before washing it off.

Use a toner

Oh yes, you also need a toner for your hair. A hair cleanser that cleans the scalp reduces inflammation and makes the hair stronger is part of the Korean hair care routine. A protection layer is also formed that keeps dirt and other things from getting into your hair and damaging it. It would be best if you put a powder on your hair.


A scalp serum nourishes follicles and promotes hair growth. The hair serum protects the hair shaft from pollution, heat, and radiation. It also repairs cuticles, making hair shiny and smooth. After washing and drying, apply hair serum.

Overnight treatment

The final step is to do the overnight treatment. A little extra care for your beautiful hair is part of the Korean hair practice. Hair care products that go the extra mile to condition and fix damaged hair are used as part of this overnight treatment.

Korean hair care tips

When you’re done with your Korean hair care practice, you need to keep your hair healthy. Some of the Korean hair care routines for hair growth are:

  • Make sure that the hair products you use are suitable for your hair type. If you use a product with the wrong ingredients, it could make your skin and hair situation worse.
  • UV rays, smog, and other dangerous chemicals in the air can damage your hair. To protect it, cover your hair with a scarf or hat.
  • Do not use too much heat on your hair because it will break. A heat shield should be used on your hair before you use a flat iron, curling rod, or blow dryer to style it.

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