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How to get a job modeling in Japan

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To get a job modeling in Japan, you need to find your unique style. Anyone can get a modeling job in Japan if you are already a model. If not, try to find out how to become a model. Also, to get a job modeling in Japan, you may need a visa to stay in Japan. To get a job modeling in Japan, you can look online, or you may use a modeling agency. It would be the best choice if you got a job modeling in Japan with a visa sponsorship.

You will also need to have passion and style, know how to pose in front of the cameras, and have confidence. It would be best if you created a portfolio, found an agent, and started hunting for a job in Japan. This career benefits you by allowing you to see new places, meet new people, and make good money. Due to the high level of competition in this field, you need to be adequately prepared before getting a job in Japan. Let’s dive in on how to get a job modeling in Japan.

What models do

Fashion models work for many companies and promote a wide range of goods, such as clothes, makeup, food, and household items. A model’s looks help a business promote a product or an artist make or showcase a piece of art.

A model could work with a photographer to take fashion photos or walk the stage to show off a fashion designer’s newest line of clothes. Posing for artists while they paint, draw, or carve is also standard. Businesses hire models to appear in their ads and marketing efforts.

How to get a job as a model in Japan

Getting a job as a model in Japan is easy. Many Japanese TV shows, movies, plays, and ads require foreign names. Japan has fewer outsiders than other countries, so there is less competition for these jobs. In some places, being a model and being a business model are two different jobs.

If you are a foreigner in Japan, you will probably be able to try out for both because you are a foreign star or gaikokujin tarento. People who work as foreign talent in Japan have probably done it all: modeled for clothes brands, overacted in ads, or something.1

How to look for a job modeling in Japan

To get hired as a model in Japan, you will need to promote yourself. You will need to develop your skills and knowledge, build a portfolio, and market yourself. There are some steps to take to get a model in Japan.

Get a visa for Japan

If you want to go to Japan, you will need a visa. You should apply at the Japanese Embassy, Consulate General, or Consular office in your home country. Applications must be made through travel companies that are approved by Japanese businesses abroad in some countries. The Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association has offices in both Taipei and Kaohsiung, Taiwan. As a result, you will have a visa sticker on your passport.2 Check out the visa policy provided by Wikipedia.

Find a modeling agency

Most likely, the best thing to do is to apply to a modeling agency while you are already in Japan. One of the good things about a modeling agency is that they can help you find and book interviews. They can also help you find other jobs, like acting, commercials, and TV shows. Get your modeling resume together and do some study. There are a lot of companies out there, some of which are specifically for foreign models in Japan.

Modeling jobs in Japan online

Online job boards are another way to look for modeling jobs in Japan. Some companies hire models without going through modeling agencies. Instead, they post job ads on social media, job boards, and even their own websites. Most of the time, the modeling job ad will say what kind of model they want, like what height, gender, or even if they want models from other countries.

To find a job, you can use any search tool or browser. There are many ads for modeling job opportunities in Japan. Try searching “Modeling job in Japan.” You can also find a job by using Facebook groups or Instagram.


Career cross

Jobs in Japan

Acqua Models

Discover yourself in Japan

There are many examples of models who got their start by being found in Japan, and there are places where that’s more likely to happen. One of those places is Shibuya, along with other well-known hangouts. This is not an easy job at all. Find out about the newest makeup and fashion trends, put on your best clothes, and go to these places. You never know when a chance will come your way.

Apply for jobs

Once you sign up with an agency, they’ll use the “Keep System” to send you job offers. Answer “first keep” if you’re free, “second keep” if you’re not sure, and “NG” if you’re already booked or can’t make it. Check your availability because not showing up can get you in trouble with the law.

When you respond, companies may ask for a selfie that hasn’t been edited and a video of you introducing yourself in both Japanese and English. Some jobs may require you to go to an interview in person. Be on time, look professional, and learn how to introduce yourself in Japanese. Keep track of the applications you send out and expect to be turned down, but keep trying—continuous efforts will increase your chances of getting a gig.

Modeling agency in Japan

There are many modeling agencies in Japan. Our list includes their Google Maps locations. At least 10 of these agencies have been rated four stars or higher.

Free Wave Co., Ltd.

Stardust Promotion

Sugar & Spice

Bravo Models

d’Xim Model Agency (デザイム)


Modeling Agency Tokyo JUNES

elite model Japan

If you search for “modeling agency in Japan” on Google Maps or any other map app, you will find a list of agencies that can help.

Enjoy it

It can be fun and rewarding to work as a model in Japan. You can go to cool places and meet interesting people from all over the world if you do this job. The tips we’ve given you here are all you need to start your exciting job as a model.

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Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash.

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