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How to find a job as a model in South Korea

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To find a job as a model in South Korea, you need to work hard and take the right steps. Finding the right modeling agency is the first and most important thing you need to do, whether you’re a Korean model trying to break into the business or a foreigner figuring out how to work in a new market. Korea’s design scene is very active and full of interesting possibilities, but there is a lot of competition.

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To stand out and get your dream job, you need to know how to apply, customize your resume, and where to look. Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before! There are some problems that only Korean and foreign models have to deal with, but we’ll discuss those problems and show you how to get started.

How to find a job as a model in South Korea
Job as a model in South Korea. Photo by Trung Nguyen on Pexels.

If you are new to modeling or are thinking about becoming a model in South Korea but don’t know where to begin, I strongly suggest that you read our in-depth guide, “How to Become a Model in South Korea with No Experience.” This essential guide walks you through the steps you need to take to learn the basics, from how to build your resume to how to deal with the cultural aspects of the Korean modeling industry.

Today, we will discuss specific topics more in-depth, like getting the correct visa and finding a trustworthy service to help you. Using the knowledge of experts in the field, such as Tatiana Kurnosova. We will discuss the specifics of the Korean modeling market, focusing on the steps you need to take to not only get into but also do well in this fast-paced field.

Korean modeling market: Why Seoul stands out

Seoul has become a key hub for fashion and beauty campaigns, making the Korean modeling market increasingly prominent on the global stage. Korean models are widely recognized and admired for their distinctive combination of traditional Asian features and contemporary edginess, which sets them apart in a fiercely competitive industry. Seoul’s fashion week events have garnered global recognition, drawing in renowned designers and industry insiders from all corners of the globe.

Korean agencies have a reputation for their talent in scouting and nurturing new faces, which has led to the successful careers of numerous models. In addition, the emergence of social media and digital platforms has provided South Korean models with the opportunity to connect with a larger audience and establish more personal connections with their fans. Seoul’s fashion scene is known for its vibrancy and innovative approach to modelling, making it a sought-after destination for aspiring models.

Where to find a job as a model in South Korea

From Seoul Fashion Week’s runways to glossy magazine ads, South Korea’s fashion scene offers a world of opportunity for aspiring models. If you’re looking to work as a model in South Korea, Seoul is the place to be. The thriving entertainment industry presents chances for both foreign and local models to find work in editorial, commercial, and various niche modelling fields.

If you are a foreigner looking to find a job as a model in South Korea, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper visa, E-6 or C-4, to work in the country. While securing the correct visa is crucial, finding the perfect modelling agency to represent you will be a key factor in your success within Korea’s competitive market. Many model management agencies in South Korea are dedicated to enhancing new talent and helping foreign models succeed in the industry.

Finding modeling jobs in Korea: Online platforms & Social media

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer valuable networking and job-search opportunities. Join Facebook groups dedicated to modelling in Korea, such as:

Here, you can discover casting calls, connect with other models, and find freelance opportunities.

Are you ready to maximize social media for your modelling career? Read our guide on ‘How to get modeling jobs through Instagram.’

Need help finding the right agencies in Seoul

Take a look at our map, which lets you connect with the top modelling companies in the city. Check out their web pages, where they are located, and the types of models they specialize in. Just type “modelling agencies in Seoul” into Google Maps.

Discover modeling opportunities in South Korea

Discovering a job as a model in South Korea opens up a world of exciting and varied career opportunities. The fashion and entertainment scene here is vibrant and ever-changing, creating an exhilarating environment for aspiring models.

If you’re a foreigner aspiring to become a model in Seoul, finding the right model management is crucial for launching a successful career in the entertainment industry. Exploring the top job boards dedicated to enhancing the modeling scene in South Korea is a great way to find work as a model in the country.

Top Korean job boards

To unlock these exciting possibilities, let’s explore the top job boards where you can find modeling work in South Korea. Let’s start!

  • Glassdoor provides valuable insights into larger agencies and companies, giving you access to employee reviews and job openings. Check the Glassdoor website (
  • StarNow is a popular online platform that matches talent with entertainment casting specialists. It’s great for budding models, actresses, musicians, and other entertainers searching for work. The website link is: (
  • Craigslist Seoul is great for finding freelance and part-time modeling gigs. Just double-check the authenticity of the listings.
  • LinkedIn: Perfect for making connections and uncovering exciting career prospects in the fashion industry.
  • Saramin: Saramin is a website that is entirely in Korean, so it might seem a bit daunting to navigate through at first. Nevertheless, this job portal serves as a primary platform for Koreans to find employment opportunities. It features a wide range of job listings across various industries, specifically targeting foreign language speakers. Website:
  • JobKorea: JobKorea is another popular job portal that is widely used in Korea. Just like Saramin, this website is completely in Korean. It’s worth mentioning that this site is a fantastic resource for job seekers, with a wide range of job postings available, including opportunities for foreigners. Website:

Agencies that hire models in South Korea

South Korea is home to numerous esteemed agencies that recruit models for the fashion and entertainment sectors. These agencies are essential in assisting models in securing opportunities for photo shoots, runway shows, commercials, and other gigs.

Some of the top modeling agencies in South Korea include:

  • Morph Management (
  • CM models (
  • Base Models (
  • (

Freelance model vs. Model agency in South Korea

When embarking on a modeling career in South Korea, it’s important to consider the options of freelance work carefully and signing with an agency. Choosing wisely can have a big impact on your journey. Both paths have their advantages, but teaming up with a model agency can offer more opportunities, such as access to prestigious jobs and crucial industry support. For those who are new to the scene or looking to make a significant impact, it’s often a great idea to find a reputable agency.

Let’s dive in!

Freelance modeling


  • Flexibility: Choose your tasks and timetable.
  • Negotiate directly to retain more of your money.
  • Gathering experience: Great for portfolio building.


  • Marketing yourself: You must find a job.
  • Without guidance, you’ll handle contracts, visas, and industry complexity.
  • Less stability: Income and work frequency vary.

Agency representation


  • Opportunities: Agencies might submit you for bigger employment via industry contacts.
  • Professional Support: Contracts, negotiations, and visas (if needed).
  • Career Advice: Can help with portfolio development and industry advancement.


  • A part of your profits goes to agencies.
  • You may have less control over the projects you accept.
  • Competitors: Other agency models.

Challenges foreign models face in South Korea

South Korea is a fantastic destination for models, especially in cities like Seoul, where there is a dynamic and thrilling landscape. However, foreigners who aspire to enter the market might encounter a few obstacles along the way. Being aware of these challenges can help you better prepare for a successful modeling career in South Korea.

Language barrier

Korean can be pretty complex, and a good grasp of the language is often necessary. Language skills are not as crucial for runway or print work in the world of modeling. However, being familiar with Korean can be beneficial for building connections, comprehending contracts, and blending into the culture.

Cultural differences

The Korean workplace culture has its distinct charm. Models need to be aware of and adjust to the cultural norms of the local community, including being punctual, showing respect for hierarchy, and adapting their communication style accordingly. Being adaptable can have a huge impact on your overall success.

Job opportunities

The job market in South Korea can be quite competitive. The modeling industry is also highly competitive, with many people vying for a limited number of opportunities. Foreign models can really make a statement with their unique look or strong agency backing.

Understanding visa issues is important because they have a direct impact on your legal work status in South Korea. We’ll be exploring this topic further in an upcoming article. Models must become acquainted with the visa requirements and limitations.

Coming soon: Our comprehensive guide on obtaining a visa as a model in Korea. It will equip you with all the information you need to navigate this process successfully. Stay tuned!

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Tatiana Kurnosova from YouTube.

Photo by Trung Nguyen on Pexels.

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