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How to choose summer makeup for oily skin

To choose summer makeup for oily skin can be tricky. The key is to focus on products that are lightweight, oil-free, and long-lasting. Hot weather and increased oil production may cause makeup to melt and result in unwanted shine. Don’t worry! Emphasizing lightweight, oil-free, and long-lasting formulas helps you achieve a flawless look that keeps you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day.

Also, when choosing summer makeup for oily skin, you can get a perfect summer look that stays put and shows off your natural glow instead of oil. So, be careful to choose the right product and follow the proper steps.

Dealing with oily skin can be pretty demanding. Remember to bring blotting paper to remove excess oil that accumulates during the day. For makeup enthusiasts, it can be frustrating to see hours of effort fade away by the time you reach the office. For cosmetics enthusiasts, dealing with a greasy and oily face halfway through the day can be pretty frustrating. Guess what? Let’s explore how to choose summer makeup for oily skin and discover the critical elements to achieving a beautiful and lasting look.

What causes the skin to become oily

Everyone possesses oil on their bodies. Your skin stays hydrated and healthy thanks to the sebaceous glands under each pore that produce sebum, a natural oil. Excessive oil production by the glands can result in oily skin. But what causes the skin to become oily?

Lifestyle Choices

Bad habits: Smoking, drinking too much booze, and not eating well can all hurt the health of your face. These things can throw off your skin’s average balance, which can cause it to make more oil.

Genetic Predisposition

Family History: If someone in your family has oily skin, you may be more likely to get it, too. These things happen because your genes affect your skin type and the amount of oil your sebaceous glands make.

Misguided skincare routine

It’s essential to maintain a good skincare routine, but be cautious of overdoing it. Over-cleansing, over-exfoliating, or using harsh products can have adverse effects. Removing the natural oils from your skin can give the wrong signal to your body, leading it to produce more oil to make up for it.


When feeling stressed, the body releases hormones such as androgens that can trigger an increase in sebum production in the skin. This clarifies why periods of stress can occasionally result in heightened oiliness.

Hormonal changes

Life involves natural fluctuations in hormone levels. Fluctuations during menstruation, pregnancy, and other hormonal changes can result in increased sebum production, which can lead to oily skin.

Medication side effects

Medications can have unexpected effects on your skin, like making it produce more oil or dry out. To make up for lost moisture, the skin may try to produce more oil, which can make it look greasy.

Summer Skincare Routine

Prior to beginning your makeup routine, it’s important to properly prep your skin to avoid a patchy or cakey appearance. Here is a simple skincare regimen you can try:

First, start by using a mild cleanser to remove dirt, dust, oil, and impurities from your skin.

Next, apply a face serum to hydrate and brighten your skin.

Step 3: Hydrate your skin by applying a moisturizing cream.

Step 4
: Shield your skin from the intense UV rays of the sun with UV-defending sunscreen.

Summer makeup for oily skin: Beat the heat and shine with long-lasting looks

Who said that you don’t have makeup for oily skin? Dont worry! You can find makeup for oily skin everywhere. Now that you know what causes the skin to become oily, you need to choose the right summer makeup for oily skin. Let’s dive now!

Prep your Skin

Adequate skin preparation is essential for achieving beautiful skin. Preparing your skin properly before applying makeup is crucial for achieving a flawless look. Start by purifying your skin to minimize pores and manage excess oil. Moreover, it’s essential to exfoliate your skin on a weekly basis. Consider using a mask or peel to maintain smooth and clear skin.


Having oily skin doesn’t mean you should skip moisturizing. Hydrating oily skin is essential to avoid overstimulating sebum production. Keeping your skin hydrated with a gel-based lotion helps prevent it from feeling oily or shiny. By the way, it’s essential to stick to this daily routine – your skin will appreciate it in the long run.

Use Primer

For summer makeup, choose a lightweight, oil-free, and waterproof base. BB creams, CC creams, compact liquid or serum foundations, and mousse foundations are all excellent options to explore. Using a primer is essential for makeup that lasts all day. Use a small amount of primer on hydrated skin before applying your foundation and concealer.

Foundation: Beat the heat and shine

Seek out lightweight, oil-free products with a matte finish. These products offer great coverage without causing pore blockage or excess shine. Mineral foundations are a great choice because of their lightweight and breathable nature.

Long-lasting concealer

For oily skin in the summer, it’s best to choose concealers with matte or water-based formulas that are lightweight and easy to blend. Seek out a high pigment concentration for a more efficient use of the product and a seamless, natural finish.

Summer Skincare Routine

e.l.f. Hydrating Camo Concealer

Use powder

For those with oily skin, it’s best to opt for a foundation with a matte finish. Avoid products with a radiant finish, as they can give your skin a greasy appearance. For individuals with oily skin, a powder foundation like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Up to 24H Fresh Wear in a Powder is a fantastic choice. This popular drugstore product offers excellent coverage similar to a liquid foundation while also keeping your skin matte, sweatproof, and transferproof throughout the day.

 summer makeup for oily skin

L’Oréal Paris Infallible

Always waterproof

Waterproof makeup is much more resistant to sweat and has a longer-lasting effect compared to regular makeup. When dealing with oily skin, opt for water-resistant eyeliner, mascara, foundation, or eyebrow pencils labeled as oil-free, waterproof, or long-lasting. Switching will make a significant difference, as you won’t have to touch up your makeup during the day!

Choosing water-resistant or waterproof makeup is crucial in the summer months. For those with oily skin, it’s crucial to have makeup that can withstand the elements, whether you’re at the beach or dealing with heat and humidity.

Don’t forget the lipstick

In hot weather, lipstick can smudge and melt, and lip gloss can run and get sticky. Lip colors are my best friend in the summer. A bit of lip color will keep you looking natural and put-together, whether you like colored lip balms, lip stains, or sheer lipsticks. Avoid using heavy, glossy lipsticks during the summer months. Choose matte or liquid formulas for an enduring, non-glossy color that stays put without smudging or transferring.

Don’t skip spray

With our packed schedules, including work, workouts, socializing, and meals out, we rely on makeup that stays put. Setting spray acts as a protective shield for your makeup, ensuring it stays in place throughout the day. To prevent your makeup from smudging, creasing, or fading in the heat, Urban Decay’s setting sprays are a great choice.

To sum up

Dealing with oily skin when applying makeup can be challenging, but by using the appropriate products and techniques, you can achieve a flawless look. Next time you’re preparing to enhance your oily skin with makeup, consider trying out these tips. If I forget something, comment below beauties!

Source: Hindustan Times Source: Loreal Paris

Image by vector_corp on Freepik.

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