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How to build 10 steps Korean skincare routine

To build 10 steps Korean skincare routine, there are several skincare steps to follow to achieve radiant and flawless skin. First, you need to know your skin type, then start using a Korean skincare routine day and night to achieve glass skin.

The 10 step Korean skincare practice is well-known for its focus on protecting, nourishing, and moisturizing the skin. It is famous for putting a lot of stress on combining products so that they work better together.

Many people are currently obsessed with Korean skincare routines. K-beauty care tips claim to help you achieve flawless skin resembling porcelain. Indeed! Koreans follow a 10 step routine that helps them maintain a youthful appearance. Discover the 10 step Korean skincare routine with this article.

Anyone who has visited South Korea has likely observed the striking contrast in aging between Asian and European women. Genes definitely have a significant impact, but the key factor lies in daily care. Get ready to prepare your beauty like a glass skin.

The Science Behind Glass Skin: Exploring the Korean Skincare Routine

How to build 10 steps Korean skincare routine

During a study by the Department of Dermatology, SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center, Seoul,1 they concluded that:

A comparison of biological data showed that women in Korea had better profiles than women in the three Chinese towns. This could be because of differences in beauty habits, as well as age and climate. Maintaining skin functions through a daily skin care practice is crucial, as shown by the fact that good beauty habits are linked to good skin biophysical parameters.

K-beauty uses cosmetics and skin care methods that work to make Korean women and men look younger than they really are. But their healthy-looking skin isn’t just due to goods and makeup; it’s also due to their lifestyle, food, and habits. Let’s dive into how to build 10 steps Korean skincare routine.

10 step Korean Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

To build 10 steps Korean skincare routine, Koreans emphasize double cleansing, starting with an oil cleanser:

How to build 10 steps Korean skincare routine

The oil cleansers

  • Oil cleansing involves massaging an oil-based cleanser onto your skin to remove makeup and SPF.
  • Oil cleansers, including waterproof mascaras, matte lipsticks, heavy foundations, and sunscreens, effectively dissolve makeup.
  • Apply the oil cleanser to dry skin and massage it in.
  • Leave it on for a minute or two, then rinse it off with water or use a warm, wet washcloth to wipe it away.

Water gel cleanser

The second step in the double-cleanse method is to wash your face. To do this, use a gel-based foamy wash that gets rid of all the dirt, oil, and cleaning oil that is still on your skin.

Toning the skin

Toners aren’t essential for beauty in the West and India, but in Korea, they are. This is crucial because Korean beauty tips recommend using a specific type of toner: one that is pH-balanced and moisturizes.

Toners that are pH-balanced can help stop acne because they keep your skin’s acid layer in check. This keeps intense face washes or water, which has a higher pH than skin, from changing your skin’s pH. These toners can help your skin retain some of its wetness after cleaning, which makes it easier for other skin care products to work.

Put on a sheet mask

To build 10 steps Korean skincare routine, sheet masks are Korean favorites:

  • They’re single-use sheets soaked in essences.
  • Great for hydration, repair, and brightening.
  • It is not eco-friendly, so avoid daily use.
  • A quick nutrient and moisture boost.
  • Use them at night for a next-day glow.
  • There is no need to wash off the remaining essence.

Keeping the skin hydrated with essence

Applying essence daily is similar to using a sheet mask. Revive dehydrated skin by using an essence with hydrating properties to make it look plump and radiant.

Using a serum or ampoule

After cleansing, the next step is using a serum or ampoule with active ingredients to address specific skin concerns, such as acne or pigmentation.

  • Ampoules are potent with a higher concentration of ingredients and can be thicker.
  • It is not necessary daily; a serum is usually sufficient.
  • Consider ingredients like Vitamin C or retinol for this step.

Applying a moisturizing

When it comes to Korean skincare, it’s all about the moisturizer sandwich. The oils in a thick, rich face cream help feed dry, flaky skin. It also helps keep all that wetness in and acts as a shield on the face. Therefore, a non-greasy method of moisturizing the skin is to use a light lotion or emulsion. You can apply a cream or a serum to moisturize the skin.

Eye cream for under-eyes

A lot of people only use eye cream at night, but Koreans do use it during the day, too. Eye cream protects the skin under your eyes from looking dull and dry and gives them a healthy glow.

Use SPF to protect your face

Absolutely essential in Korean and Japanese beauty culture, never skip sunscreen. In K-beauty routines, applying sunscreen is an essential step that should be done every morning. It’s not a component of a lengthy nighttime regimen; it’s meant to be the final step in a morning skincare routine.

K-Beauty vs. Western Skincare: Unveiling the Differences

Western cosmetics address skin problems once they arise, whereas Korean skincare prioritizes prevention. Starting a skincare routine at a young age is common in Korean culture, focusing on gentle practices such as moisturizing and applying sunscreen daily. The cultural approach, along with the high demand, plays a significant role in the quality and affordability of Korean skincare products. Don’t forget that skincare is a necessity, not a luxury!

Focus and Philosophy:

Korean Skincare: This regimen focuses on preventing issues and maintaining skin health in the long run. Consider it a multi-step pampering experience that nurtures and shields your skin. What is the ultimate objective? Attaining a radiant, “glass skin” complexion that appears plump and well-hydrated.

Western Skincare: The emphasis is typically on tackling issues such as acne or wrinkles. Western skincare routines typically focus on specific goals and use more intense exfoliation techniques to achieve a matte appearance.

Product Ingredients:

When it comes to Korean Skincare, lightweight textures and natural ingredients are essential. Korean products frequently use advanced layering methods to provide deep hydration to the skin.

Western Skincare tends to include synthetic ingredients and thicker textures. Products typically focus on addressing a specific concern, such as minimizing wrinkles or treating acne.


For Korean skincare enthusiasts, sunscreen is an essential product that should be used every day. It has a high SPF and broad-spectrum protection.

When it comes to Western skincare, the emphasis on sunscreen is increasing. However, daily use of sunscreen may only sometimes be a top priority, with more focus placed on anti-aging benefits rather than daily protection.

To sum up

These are simply broad distinctions, and there is room for variation in both approaches. What is the best way to proceed? Try different methods and find what suits you best! You can combine aspects of Korean and Western skincare to develop a customized regimen tailored to your specific skin type and objectives. Always prioritize achieving healthy and happy skin, regardless of the method!

How to build 10 steps Korean skincare routine

To build 10 steps Korean skincare routine, there are some tips:

Keep yourself hydrated.

Skin and body need to be moisturized. Topical chemicals will hydrate your skin, but you must also hydrate internally. Hydrate in any way. Flavored tea (primarily tisanes or herbal teas without caffeine) or water.

Give yourself a break and relax.

Do not push yourself too hard. Let yourself rest for a while. It shows on your face when you are worried. Sleep is the best way to chill out. Your body heals and strengthens itself while you sleep. This is good for your face and your general health (both mental and physical).

Take Care of Your Food.

Opt for a diet rich in fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, meat, dairy, and fish. Include fermented and pickled foods for probiotics and vitamins beneficial for skin and gut health. Collagen in fish and meat soup supports skin youthfulness. For dessert, opt for fruit over sugary treats.

Scrub your skin.

Your whole body’s skin is included in this, not just your face. Exfoliate your skin no less than once or twice a week to remove any remains of dead skin.


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