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How to become a model in South Korea with no experience

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a model in South Korea with no experience showcasing your unique style within its thriving fashion industry? South Korea’s lively fashion scene presents some great opportunities for those looking to break into modelling. If you’ve ever dreamed of strutting down runways or being the face of fashionable campaigns, the first thing you need to do is choose your modelling path.

How to become a model in South Korea with no experience

Suppose you have a passion for modelling, a solid portfolio, helpful connections such as model agents, and a strong social media presence. In that case, you can kickstart your modelling career in South Korea, even if you don’t have any prior experience. Just a heads up, if you’re not a Korean citizen, you’ll need to make sure you secure a visa.

While this awesome career path offers the opportunity to travel, make connections, and potentially earn a good income, know that not everything in the modeling world is as glamorous as it seems. Ready to tackle the challenge? Let’s see how to become a model in South Korea with no experience.

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What models do

Both male and female fashion models are required to look good and be classy for jobs like photo shoots, ads, and catwalk shows. Most of the time, they start by working with agents to learn how the business works and get experience. The fashion modelling industry requires models of all genders and body types, including Korean plus-size models, who play a significant role in the business.

Models work with managers and photographers to help with ads in print and online. To be successful as a model, you need to be able to do many different styles, from full-body swimsuit shoots using natural light to fashion shows. You can also show off your style on social media. The field requires a lot of hard work, especially for beginners, but it also has many ways for professionals to grow.

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Could Korean fashion be your next runway?

Starting your modelling career in South Korea with no experience

The world has been talking about South Korea’s movies, dramas, music, and fashion. Every year, new artists emerge who go on to rule the world’s entertainment companies. International brands hire South Korean models and stars. Famous names like Nike, Timex, Samsung, Hyundai, Coca-Cola, and others have recently worked with Korean models and stars.

Modelling is a good job for anyone, even if you are not from Korea but live there. Many Korean brands are always looking for new people from other countries to work for them. Since Korea has become more open to the global music and film industries, Korean brands are trying to show a wider range of styles in their ads, marketing, and other materials.

Ready to find a job as a model in Korea

There are many chances for someone from outside of Korea to become a model there. Ready to show off your style on the catwalk? Start a career as a fashion model in South Korea. Due to its strong economy and constantly expanding fashion industry, there are many job possibilities for models. You don’t have to appear like a professional model to start your career, whether you want to be a full-time model or know how to dress for a night out.

Special certifications are often not required for the modelling profession. After finishing high school, you can start working immediately. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree is not required to enter the modelling industry.

What do you need to do to become a model in South Korea

No experience? Here’s how to break into modelling in Korea.

If you want to become a model in South Korea with no experience, here are steps you can take:

Choose your role model

Consider what kind of model you want to be before becoming one. There are some types of modelling you may choose:

  • Plus-size modeling
  • Hand modeling
  • Runway modeling
  • Fitness modelling
  • Hair modeling
  • Eye modeling
  • Shoe modeling
  • Jewellery modelling
  • Fashion modeling

Posing at home

Posing is an important skill for models, and you can learn it at home. First, get to know your body and the different ways you can smile. These are the things you need to tell a story in front of the camera.

Watch how expert models and photographers do their jobs for a while. Look at how they act, how they show feelings, and how they dress in general. If you want to know how these change your look and the message you send, try them out in front of a mirror.

There are a lot of lessons and video tips on how to pose online. Doing these things over and over will help you get better. Posing will feel more normal after a while, which will boost your confidence for any shoot.

For example, many videos on YouTube teach how to pose or how to do runway models.

BYB Academy

Kristino Olsen

NGM Modeling


Train and exercise

To make a workout plan, you might want to use a nearby gym or dance school. You can also start tracking what you eat and how much exercise you get to build and keep your body in shape. Being a model can be very stressful, and living a healthy life will help you stay mentally and physically healthy.

Create a portfolio

The first thing you need to do is get a professional-looking picture. If you want people to notice your modelling resume, make it look more professional. You or a family member or friend can take this picture, but a professional photographer will make it stand out as the best.

If you have no experience, photograph yourself at home to enhance your portfolio. Then, give yourself different modelling tasks and record your results.

Use social media

If people you know used their legitimate social media accounts, they would be more likely to give you honest feedback. These comments can help you figure out what qualities a wider range of people like and then shape your style to fit those qualities.

Attend seminars and take courses

You can attend a class or take a professional course to learn from skilled models. These kinds of projects can also be added to your resume to demonstrate your knowledge of modelling.

Participate in contests and competitions

Participate in competitions to learn how your skills compare to those of other applicants. Competitions are also a great way to meet new people in your area and get noticed by others, including professionals.

Find a modelling agency

Do some research on the trustworthy companies in your area before you sign up with one. These are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Check to see how often the company charges fees.
  • Find out if there are any fees for the tryouts.
  • Find out what kinds of models this agency works in. This will help you cut down your search.
  • Find out what kinds of gigs they usually do and how many models they work with.
  • Check to see if the business has a good name in the fashion world and read reviews of them online.

Don’t rush! First, do research!

Try freelance modelling

Are you starting your journey as a model? Work as a freelancer on sites like LinkedIn, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Instagram to get more people to see your posts. Look into areas like male models, kid models, and teen models.

When you work as a freelancer, you can talk to clients directly and discuss and pick gigs that fit your interests. Booking jobs on your own gives you more freedom and speeds up the process of building your name. Use Instagram and TikTok to show off your work, connect with more people, and get possible clients interested.

Get over your fears about modelling

Getting past your fears is a crucial step. For those who are afraid of models, know that everyone has fears and can overcome them. Believe in yourself and take one step at a time. Once you get over your fears, you can handle anything that comes your way as a model. Don’t forget that fashion is not a scary place.

Modeling agency in South Korea

There are many modelling agencies in South Korea. Our list includes their Google Maps locations. At least 20 of these agencies have been rated four stars or higher.

C9 Entertainment


A Team Entertainment

SG Entertainment

YG KPlus

If you search for “modelling agency in South Korea” on Google Maps or any other map app, you will find a list of agencies that can help.

Model in Korea salary

In South Korea, according to a Salary expert, the average model’s gross pay is ₩33,866,396 per year, which is about ₩16,282 per hour. Besides that, they get a bonus of about ₩5,852,113 every month. Based on pay poll data from companies and unnamed workers in South Korea, these are the estimated salaries. A model with one to three years of experience makes an average of ₩20,508,784. On the other hand, a senior model with eight or more years of training makes ₩43,011,960 a year every year.

Source: Google Maps

Image by Freepik.

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