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How to become a makeup artist in Canada as a foreigner

As a foreigner, to become a makeup artist in Canada, you’ll need education, training, and experience. If you want to become a makeup artist in Canada, you will need a student visa. You also need to find a school to start with. At that point, you can enroll in a school for makeup artists. Next, you can sign up with a beauty school that helps people learn how to become makeup artists.

Consider studying abroad in Canada! Canada offers an exceptional quality of life and boasts some of the best cities in the world, and it’s consistently ranked as one of the best countries for international students. The best way to become a cosmetic artist is to become a skilled one. You must put in the time and work to complete your education. After learning everything you need to become a professional makeup artist, set up a portfolio and show yourself. Let’s find out how to become a makeup artist in Canada as a foreigner.

Who is a makeup artist

Estheticians are amazing professionals who use makeup to enhance their clients’ looks. How cool is this? Based on the client’s preferences and needs, they create a specific look or style. They can be found working on movie sets, in movie theaters, at fashion shows, and at weddings. So check out what jobs you can do as a makeup artist.

Makeup artists know a bunch of stuff, like using products, thinking about colors, and taking care of their clients’ skin. Some makeup artists specialize in things like special effects makeup or bridal looks. Overall, a makeup artist can transform how someone looks and help them feel confident and lovely.

How to become a makeup artist in Canada

If you’re considering moving to Canada to pursue your passion for makeup artistry, one of the initial steps you’ll need to take is obtaining a student visa. You can obtain one from the Canadian embassy or office in your country.

Getting a student visa varies depending on your country of origin. However, in general, you will need to provide evidence of enrollment in a Canadian school, a letter of approval from the school, and proof of financial capability to cover the cost of your education.

Steps to become a makeup artist in Canada as a foreigner

To become a makeup artist in Canada as a foreigner is possible, but it may take some time and dedication. Here are some Tricks for getting started.

First things first, you should apply to a Canadian beauty school. There are so many amazing makeup courses to choose from, so you can find one that works for your schedule and funds. Thus, you can apply for a student visa to study there.

Learning English is the second step, and it will help you communicate with clients and colleagues. It is recommended that you use simple English words and sentences. You can learn English at a nearby language school or online.

The third step is to collect your diploma. It’s super easy!

First of all, you need a makeup school certificate because the beauty industry requires an international qualification or diploma. If you’re an expat looking to enroll in an international makeup school with industry connections, that’s awesome! But don’t worry if that’s not an option for you.

Next, it’s time to work on creating your portfolio. A strong portfolio will help you shine in the world of makeup artistry!

Start practicing on friends, family, or models to showcase your skills and experience after you graduate from cosmetology school to potential clients. Have you considered creating a website or sharing your portfolio on social media to showcase your abilities? It’s important to use accessible language and simple vocabulary to ensure that your message reaches a broad audience. Remember to keep your sentences short and use active voice.

There are plenty of makeup artist jobs available in Canada, including in salons, spas, movie and television, and fashion.

What Are the benefits of being a makeup artist in Canada

It’s fun and creative to work in the beauty business because you get to make other people feel pretty. So, some benefits are:

  • You will receive payment in dollars. Makeup artists in Toronto, the most populous city in Canada, earn an average salary of $43,875+ in Canadian dollars.
  • Freelance opportunities are abundant for makeup artists in Toronto, allowing for flexibility in work schedules and hours.
  • There is a high demand for bridal makeup services in Toronto.
  • Working as a makeup artist in Canada offers the chance to express your creativity through makeup artistry.
  • You will have the opportunity to travel extensively as a makeup artist in Canada.
  • The profession is not inherently stressful, offering a relatively relaxed work environment.
  • As a makeup artist, you will regularly encounter new people, expanding your network and connections.
  • Engaging in this profession provides opportunities for continuous learning and skill development.

Makeup schools in Canada

There are numerous beauty schools in Canada, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best. We have included the Google Maps locations on our list. Over 20 of these beauty schools have received ratings of four stars or higher.

Canadian Beauty College

Mississauga Campus

Canadian Beauty College (Toronto Campus)

Artists Within Makeup Academy

Canadian Beauty College Ajax

Blanche Macdonald Centre

Body Pro Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Inc

Orane International College Canada


If you’re looking for a makeup school near Canada, a quick search on Google Maps or any other map application will provide you with a list of businesses that can help.

Do makeup artists in Canada need a license

You don’t need a license to become a makeup artist in Canada. As opposed to certain professions in the beauty industry, such as hairstyling or esthetics, makeup artistry typically does not require a license. In Ontario, individuals have the opportunity to pursue a career as a makeup artist through various pathways. These include obtaining a high school diploma, acquiring a license from a recognized beauty academy, or gaining valuable work experience.

How long does it take to become a makeup artist

A course of study in makeup arts typically takes anywhere from a few months to a year to become qualified. Your success as a makeup artist is directly proportional to the amount of time and effort you invest in it. In order to establish yourself as a reputable makeup artist, it is vital to develop trust with others and acquire valuable work experience.

How much money do you make in Canada as a makeup artist

Canada has a great demand for talented makeup artists who are well-compensated for their skills. A makeup artist in the country earns approximately $43,875 per year, equivalent to an hourly rate of around $22.50. The pay is more than sufficient to support oneself, and there are abundant opportunities for makeup jobs.

Many experienced professionals can earn a salary of $155,986 annually, while those starting out in their careers can expect a starting salary of $39,000.

Source:  Google Maps

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