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How to become a makeup artist at home

To become a makeup artist at home, you can set your hours and work from the comfort of your own home. Then, you can take courses online or watch tutorials on YouTube.

Many reputable makeup artists offer online courses covering a range of topics, from basic techniques to advanced makeup application and special effects. You can also read beauty blogs and watch lessons on YouTube to learn how to do makeup.

Choosing to be “self-taught” instead of going to school can still mean having to do some things. Let’s find out what you should do to become a makeup artist at home.

How to become a makeup artist at home

To become a makeup artist at home, start looking for online courses. There can be courses available for free or for a fee. Feel free to pick whatever you like, but keep in mind that the free courses typically cover the fundamentals.

You may discover a great deal about makeup procedures online. You have the option to study books written by experts in the industry or explore tutorials and videos on platforms such as YouTube and beauty blogs. It’s a good idea to practice regularly to maintain your skills and stay updated on the latest trends.

Here are some online courses that can help you learn makeup art at home:

Free courses for makeup artists

Skillshare offers many online courses that can help you become a makeup artist. The site offers more than just makeup courses for faces. It also has classes for styling hair and other modules.


Alison is one of these platforms that has become known for its beauty diploma courses, which cover a wide range of professionally essential topics. Most importantly, Alison is totally free.

Makeup artist paid courses


Udemy is known for its wide range of online academic courses. This time, the portal will offer beauty and cosmetics training. You can sign up for some of the most popular courses in natural beauty, natural skincare, how to apply makeup at home, how to contour, and more. The courses start at $199.99.

Skill Success

Sign up with this website if you want to get practical online makeup lessons without spending a lot of money. According to reviews, the site has both paid and free beauty classes. The courses start from $9.

Makeup Courses by Melissa Hoffman 

You can take online beauty classes from Melissa Hoffman, one of the most famous makeup artists and photographers. If you want to become famous in the future, take this online course. It will also help you get a job that pays well. The courses start from $55.


If you want to take your beauty lessons to the next level, join Fiverr Beauty and Beauty Lessons Online. The courses start at $20.

Online Makeup Academy

After finishing this course, partner companies Friends Beauty and Nigels Beauty Foundation will give you pro-card access. In addition, the school will give you a professional makeup artistry license that OMOACA recognizes. The courses start from $79 per month.

Practice your skills

After you finish your courses, the best thing to do is to practice. You can do this on your own, with your friends or with your family members. The more practice you do, the more you will enrich your work portfolio. Having a good work portfolio means that you will have many opportunities to work.

Promote yourself

It takes time and effort to become a successful makeup artist from home, but it is feasible to do so with devotion and perseverance. Below are some tips on how to promote yourself.

Offer mobile makeup services.

Giving people more ways to get your services is a great idea. If they need makeup done, you can go to their homes, businesses, or other places.

Collaborate with other businesses nearby.

For instance, you could work with a nearby wedding photographer or salon to give their customers lower prices on your makeup services.

Give makeup classes

Sharing your information and skills with others is a great way to make extra money. You can create a YouTube channel or open an Instagram or TikTok account.

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